In order to continuously reduce our environmental impact, we participate in the beauty products & packaging zero waste box program with Terra-cycle 

TerraCycle has created a zero waste solution for beauty products and packaging. Once collected, the beauty and skin care items are sorted and separated by material composition. The separated items are then cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products. Terra-cycle uses only circular methods (reuse, upcycling or recycling) for re-purposing the waste we collect through there various programs. Terra-cycle will never landfill or incinerate your waste. 

YFM Incentive Program

Check all products carefully to see if they can be recycled properly after they are emptied. Any product you purchase from YouFromMe will come with a recycling bag for any empty products with a pre-paid return shipping label inside. Once you have 5 or more empty bottles you can ship directly back to us at no cost. You can also simply request a shipping label to recycle without purchasing an item from our site.

For every bag you recycle with us you will receive 10% off any product on our website. 


  • Beauty packaging such as lip balm tubes, makeup remover bottles and pumps, fragrances bottles and pumps, and deodorant sticks.
  • Skin care packaging such as face mask packaging, eco-refill pouches, and dispensers and tubes for soap, facial cleansers and body lotions.
  • Hair Products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling, Products)
  • Hair care packaging such as pumps and caps from shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair care dispensers and containers, hair product trigger heads, and eco-refill pouches.


  • No aerosol cans, perfume bottles, nail polish bottles, and nail polish remover bottles
  • Electronic items such as blow dryers and straighteners
  •  Biomedical or bio hazardous waste
  • Any contents of packaging such as nail-polish, lotion, soap, or ointments

If you chose to recycle you can request a shipping label below, ship to YouFromMe and
we will make sure all your empties get sorted and recycled properly.


  • Please do not tape the product itself closed, for we need to inspect it anyway.
  • If possible, use recycled newspaper or recycled packing material when packing to insure no breakage, everything should fit snug in the box.
  • Make sure all items are securely closed to avoid spilling

Please note YouFromMe will not buy items damaged during shipping. If not followed, your package will be sent back to the queue during evaluation and we reserve the right to decline to donate.