Instant Gratification

One of the many reasons I started YFM was because my instant gratification to buy beauty products was getting a bit out of hand. The constant feeling that I needed to buy the next best facial serum on the market hoping it would get rid of fine lines overnight was just not sitting right with my bank account anymore. Consumers today demand effective solutions that deliver benefits quickly, which let's be honest 98% of the time a product does not work like we hoped it would. 

Curiosity is one of the major drivers behind consumers’ decision to try these brands, which effects might last just only a few hours. These products can be used in the convenience of their homes and often do not require particular skills, although the effect can vary greatly from person to person. 

Before splurging on the next $80 dollar drunk elephant mask; we want you to take a step back within your routine and think about how you can avoid these weekly or monthly sprees to save waste, money and time!

1. Buy upcycled from YouFromMe. Many of our products are either brand new or 95% full at up to 60% less. I mean hey how can you go wrong with that...

2. Sell before you shop. I can't stress this enough. Most of us do not even finish a beauty product half way through before were onto the next one. Why not earn some cash back from products that no longer serve you use.

3. Have a little patience! Generally it takes about 28 days to your skin cells to turn over, which means that almost all products require at least one month of use before you’ll see results. 



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